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While hauling and transport services continue to be the core of our business, SEPI Services is proud to announce the addition of a full-service diesel engine repair and maintenance shop, to our service offerings. SEPI Diesel Engine Repair is a professional "one stop shop" that can handle everything from routine preventative maintenance to complete engine rebuilds.

SEPI Diesel Engine Repair
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Go Green

SEPI Green Initiatives

With so much unnecessary paperwork these days, SEPI Services decided to move to an online billing solution and adopt a recycling program. We even sort and separate all aluminum and other recyclable materials. We know these are only small steps, but the online billing is more convenient for our clients, and together these initiatives are not only good for the environment, but they also save time and money.

SEPI Green Efforts
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Safety is Our First Priority

At SEPI Services, we take safety seriously. We pride ourselves on maintaining high safety standards for our staff and our drivers. All SEPI Services employees and drivers are thoroughly screened and tested for compliance with our drug-free workplace policies, and drivers must also complete annual ODOT safety certification.

SEPI Safety
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Join Our Team

We understand that achieving success is a team effort. That’s why SEPI Services is always looking for reliable, professional drivers that share our values and our commitment to providing exceptional service.

Download the SEPI Services employment application here, or you can partner with us by completing a broker packet.

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"SEPI Services serves our clients by being more available, more reliable, and
more accessible than the competition."     -Mark D. Roberts, President, SEPI Services

what we can do for you

SEPI Services is the perfect solution for contractors looking for a reliable partner that can offer the advantages of DBE, Edge, HubZone, or WBE certification. With a full range of trucking, transport, and delivery services, and a history of demonstrated success, you won’t have to sacrifice reliability or quality to meet your contracting goals. Click here to find out more about our certifications. Our broker packet can be downloaded here.

if it fits in a bucket, we'll truck it

SEPI Services is proud to be a trusted provider of reliable trucking services for more than 20 years, and tucking and hauling remains the core strength of our business.
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big or small, we fix 'em all

A well maintained fleet is an asset that pays for itself in the long run. Click here to see how SEPI Diesel Engine Repair can help keep your fleet working at peak performance.

If you have questions about specific repairs or other diesel mechanic services, please contact us directly.